About the Awards

Life Science Leader’s readership of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical executives have told us about their struggles in vetting CRO partners. In response, Life Science Leader developed the CRO Leadership Awards.

Survey Methodology: Industry Standard Research’s Contract Research Organization (CRO) Quality Benchmarking research is conducted annually via an online survey and this year over 2,200 service encounters were captured. Seventy two (72) contract research organizations were included in the research and evaluated on 27 different performance metrics. Research participants come from biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes and are screened for decision-making influence and authority when it comes to working with contract research organizations. Respondents only evaluate companies with which they have worked on an outsourced study within the past 18 months. This level of credentials ensures that quality ratings come from actual involvement with a business and that companies identified as leaders are backed by experiential data.

Example question: How do you rate your overall satisfaction with [company name]’s Phase II/III services? (Please use a scale of 1-10 where "10" is "Extremely Satisfied" and "1" is" Extremely Dissatisfied", and using any number in between).

“We are excited about our relationship with Life Science Leader and are honored to be the market research engine behind the CMO and CRO Leadership Awards” states Andrew Schafer, President of Industry Standard Research. “We think the methodology surrounding data collection and analysis will provide the users of this information with an extremely high level of confidence from which they can make sound business decisions.”

Would you like to participate in the research? Email us to request a link to the survey.

For more information visit http://www.isrreports.com/about-isr/.


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